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To Encourage Creativity in Kids, Ask Them: ‘What if’?- NYTimes
How can we encourage kids to be more creative?  Scholars who study creativity say that stoking it involves helping children strike a balance between two dichotomous tools: the whimsy and freedom of a wandering mind, with the rigidity of a prepared one.

We need to help them be both “sensitive and assertive,” in the words of John Dacey, professor emeritus of education at Boston College. “Sensitivity means being open to new ideas, and very laid back,” he explained. Assertiveness doesn’t just mean being bold enough to express the idea but having enough experience and judgment to feel true authority about its value.

How to Raise Empathetic Kids- Real Simple
A 2016 research review published in Infant Behavior and Development noted that day-old babies show more distress over other infant cries than their own. But around age three, the empathy that children are born with starts to become tainted by cultural and environmental factors. Toddlers begin to be more selective about whom to help and perceive those different from them as, well, different. How can we encourage empathy in our children and identifying with people who are different and having compassion for their experience?

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