Coming Soon: Wonderschool for Centers

April 16, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be releasing Wonderschool for Centers, a version of the Wonderschool platform with additional features tailored to child care centers. This new platform will enable center directors to easily manage their administrative needs while still being able to take advantage of Wonderschool’s national marketplace to enroll new families.

Wonderschool For Centers Helps Large Child Care Operations

All of the features on Wonderschool’s current provider platform remain the same to directors who run in-home or one-classroom programs. The new center-tailored features will make it easy for center directors who manage staff members and multiple classrooms to run their center-based programs.

Wonderschool For Centers Includes

  • Classroom management
  • Staff accounts and sign in/out
  • Live ratio tracking
  • Tracking for compliance (daily temperature checks and health screening, CACFP and USDA Part 226)
  • All of the existing benefits already available with Wonderschool — website and listing and on the marketplace, lead and enrollment management tools, online tuition payment processing, student check in/out, parent messaging and photo sharing, and more.

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