How Mi Casita Azul Child Care Became A Big Success

August 26, 2022


Cynthia Olmedo directs Mi Casita Azul In Noel Valley along with her husband; before opening up her preschool, she was an architect in Bolivia. Mi Casita Azul is a quality child care and Spanish immersion program that encourages play, creativity, and flexibility for Bay Area children and families.


In 2015, Cynthia was not unsure how to increase school enrollments child care. She spent money and time handing out flyers and going to local parks. But still, it was hard to gain awareness and interest from parents.


In 2016, Gloria met with Wonderschool and decided to use Wonderschool child care management software and create a new child care website on the Wonderschool marketplace. She received pivotal child care marketing ideas for her community that could scale.

After listening to our enrollment challenges, Wonderschool created a website and promotion plan within days. We started with Wonderschool in December (2015) and by January (2016), we had double the amount of students.-Cynthia Olmedo, Child Care Director, Mi Casita Azul De Noel Valley Preschool-San Francisco, CA


Within months of joining the Wonderschool platform, Mi Casita Azul tripled enrollment to 100% capacity. 

Within one year, Gloria and her husband decided to expand the program by adding toddler and infant child care. She serves 50% more families than before joining Wonderschool. She does not have to collect payments or fill out paperwork. Wonderschool supports her with almost all backend operations so they can continue to build beautiful experiences for the children.

Wonderschool Partnership Benefits

  1. Customized marketing strategies to increase enrollments
  2. Saves time with auto-billing and invoicing
  3. Intuitive child care management software

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