How Much is Preschool Teacher Salary in Nebraska?

October 20, 2022

If you love watching little minds grow right before your eyes, teaching preschool may be on your radar as a potential career choice. But choosing a line of work isn’t only about whether you’ll enjoy it or excel at it. You also need to make sure the salary will support your lifestyle.

Right now, the average preschool teacher salary in Nebraska is $33,270.

There are a number of factors that could bring that number up or down, and we want to help you understand each one of them before you make your career choice. That’s why we’ve put together a guide with all of the preschool teacher salary variables that could affect your future roles. Read on to find out just how much you could actually make, as well as to find tips to increase your earnings as much as possible.

How Much Can Preschool Teacher Salaries Vary?

The average range of preschool teacher salaries in Nebraska is currently sitting at $30,090 to $37,880. In the bottom 10% of the pay range, employees are making $27,195. In the top end, they’re bringing in $42,077. 

Hourly, these numbers compute to $14.47-$20.23.

And if we tweak the career titles slightly to include teachers who work in private schools or own their own in-home preschools, the high end of the salary could rise up to $74,365.

Hourly, that can get all the way up to $35.75.

What Factors Affect Preschool Teacher Salary in Nebraska?

We understand that the range mentioned above is vast. What works for you may fall near one extreme or the other. But like most jobs, there are many factors that go into how much you’d actually make as a preschool teacher. The main factors in the early childhood field include:

  • Education level — A preschool teacher with a Bachelor’s degree will likely make more than a coworker whose highest level of education is their high school diploma. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with getting into the classroom before you earn a degree. Just keep in mind that if some of your colleagues are outearning you, it may be due to their post-secondary schooling.
  • Experience level — Like most careers, preschool teachers earn more as they age in their roles. There does come a time when the increases hit their max, however, which may be important to keep in mind,
  • City and region of employment — Schools in larger cities often pay more than those in smaller, more rural locations.
  • Role title — Lead teachers earn the highest salaries of all preschool teachers, followed by assistants. Aides typically receive the lowest amount of pay.
  • Additional skills — If you speak a second language or are an expert in art, yoga, or soccer, your employer may offer you higher pay than the average applicant. This is due to your ability to provide additional extracurricular value for students. 

Business and marketing skills can also increase your income substantially if you choose to create your own preschool. These topics aren’t covered in ECE courses, but you can build them on your own or turn to Wonderschool Academy for step-by-step support.

Types of Preschool Teacher Salary in Nebraska

Early childhood educators also earn different salaries depending on their place of employment. This doesn’t just mean one school pays more than another, though that may be true in certain circumstances. Here are the three most common types of preschool teacher positions and some insight into how their salaries differ:

  • Private or Public School Preschool Teachers — Preschool teachers who work within a private school are typically paid more than those who work in public schools, simply because budgets can stretch much further when they include parent-paid tuition.
  • Childcare Center Preschool Teachers — Early childhood educators who work in childcare centers make an average amount of money. These locations do have more opportunities for career growth as most directors start out as teachers early on in their careers.
  • In-Home Preschool Owners — By far, one of the best ways to make top-dollar as a preschool teacher in Nebraska is to start your own in-home preschool or daycare. By welcoming students into your own home —or another location— and using your own curriculum, you become a business owner. This can increase your take-home pay and growth opportunities substantially.

If this career path interests you, check out this income potential estimator for in-home childcare providers. By inputting your own variables, you’ll be able to target an accurate salary estimate for your future.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Preschool Teacher Salary?

If you’re already working as a preschool teacher, remember that you don’t have to let your salary stay stagnant. There are many ways to increase your take-home pay as your experience grows.

Here are a few of our favorite tips:

  1. Check in with your boss. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to get that well-deserved raise.
  2. Apply for advanced positions, whether that be moving to lead teacher from your current assistant role or a director if you’re already running your own classroom.
  3. Start your own in-home preschool and become a business owner while still performing the work you love most.

And if you’re interested in earning more by starting your own in-home preschool, we’re here to help. Get all the support you need, with no upfront costs, at Wonderschool Academy.

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Featured image: MCC LLC Dual Language Preschool Program in Lincoln, NE.

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