The Wonderschool Way: Six Values That Fuel Our Mission And Work

May 28, 2019

What’s it like to work at Wonderschool?

I’ve heard this question frequently since joining the company six months ago. It comes from candidates who are curious about our culture and from friends who want to understand my experience “repotting” after leading Education Pioneers for 15 years.

In response, I’m thrilled to share how energizing it is to work at a mission-driven company that is committed to ensuring every child has access to early education that helps them realize their potential. I also share how grateful I am to work with extraordinarily talented people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to advance this bold mission. Indeed, why we do this work and who we do it with are two huge reasons why our team loves working here.

In addition, our team cares deeply about how we advance our mission. This was evident to me after I joined Wonderschool and watched Chris Bennett, our inspiring co-founder and CEO, lead our team through a thoughtful process to identify our core values. This led our team to embrace the following six values that are at the heart of the Wonderschool way:

Move as fast as you can, but as slowly as required

At Wonderschool, we are sitting on a huge untapped opportunity and we need to move fast to win it. To win this opportunity, we need to act with urgency, especially as it related to decision making, iterating quickly, and response time. As important as it is for us to move fast, it’s important to pause as needed to make sure you’re not doing unnecessary harm.

Optimize for customer happiness

Hospitality is key to the success of Wonderschool. Make sure directors, parents, and children are having a delightful experience through the entire journey with Wonderschool. If you find that’s not the case, take ownership in ensuring that they are delighted.

Be an owner

At Wonderschool, there isn’t a prescriptive playbook that you’ll inherit. It’s your job to be an owner and take responsibility of any tasks, projects, or jobs you take on. That means not being passive and speaking up when you don’t understand goals or when there are issues and things aren’t working.  Be an active participant.

Seek and provide feedback

Feedback, both positive and constructive, is key to growth. At Wonderschool, we strive to give direct and immediate constructive feedback and we strive to seek constructive feedback to grow.

Have a growth mindset

Learning never ends at Wonderschool, and having a growth mindset is a key ingredient for success within the Wonderschool community. New teammates, Directors, parents, and children all need to learn and grow once they enter the Wonderschool community. To succeed, it’s important to be open to ideas, and be willing to un-learn or re-learn things that you’ve learned in the past.

Foster belonging

Create a safe environment for individuals of all races, genders, ages, and political views to do their best work at Wonderschool and on the Wonderschool platform. Commit to diversity; foster belonging.

Do these values resonate with you? Are you excited about building our company and culture? If so, we’d love to hear from you as we’re hiring leaders who exemplify these values for impactful roles across our company!

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