How To Raise The Quality Of Your Child Care (And Parent-School Relationships)

November 10, 2022


Established in rural Pennsylvania, A Mother's Touch Center For Child Development (AMTCD) is a five-star child care program led by Cheryl Moss. Cheryl, a former family specialist, did home visits to assist families with learning about child safety and development. She started AMTCD 15 years ago so she could go deeper with supporting more than one family and child at a time.


Cheryl wanted parents to feel connected while they were at work. She texted, used pen and paper, or waited for the end of a long day to deliver messages. Pen and paper couldn't show the small but significant daily achievements of each child that lead to reaching developmental milestones.


Cheryl joined Wonderschool through the Early Learning Resource Center Region 1. She created a website through the Wonderschool marketplace and downloaded the app to communicate with parents.

Parents who enroll at AMTCD now receive multiple messages throughout the day about their child. These messages include daily records, pictures, and notes.

As a Program Director and former family specialist, I can say that Wonderschool helps to continually improve the quality of relationships I have with the parents. Their child’s day is at their fingertips which they like.-Cheryl Moss, Director, A Mother's Touch Center For Child Development, Sharon, PA


Wonderschool's messaging features improved the quality of communication around children's development at AMT. In August, Cheryl will also employ Wonderschool's auto-billing tool, ensuring effective communication around payments.

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