What Makes The Top 11 Child Cares in New York So Wonderful (And How To Find More)

November 8, 2022

New York’s child care scene is sprawling, which is great for working parents in different parts of the Big Apple, but it can also be overwhelming when you begin searching for the program that’s right for you and your child. Some tips that can help you find quality child care in New York include:

  • License status: To become a provider in New York, individuals are required to submit  an application, home inspection, and additional training, so this is an extremely important step!
  • Academic style: Does your child thrive in play-based settings or do they need more structure? Does the child care offer preschool programming? Do you prefer certain styles of education, like Reggio Emilia or Montessori? Do you want your child to have exposure to another language in a bilingual setting?
  • Parent Communication: How will the provider contact you? Will they use an app or send you pictures throughout the day? Are you free to visit whenever you please?
  • Schedule: Do the hours line up with your work commitments? Is year-round care offered, or will you need separate care in the summers? Will your child be able to eat and nap at the times they’re accustomed to? How often will your child get to go outside or on field trips?
  • Staffing: Is there more than one provider? What is the student-to-child ratio? What are the policies and procedures when staff members are sick?

For a full guide to figuring out the quality of a specific child care, view this information-packed post. And to discover some of the best options for your little one for child care in New York, scroll through the programs below.

#1: TOTally Kids Wonderschool

This quality child care in New York offers a Reggio Emila-inspired education with a focus on art, exploration, nature, and play. They enroll children between one month and four years of age and offer three and five-day schedules. Other features that stand out include a tidy environment, warm, home-cooked meals, and a lower-than-average 1:3 adult-to-child ratio.

What Makes It Stand Out? Reggio Emilia - Inspired Education

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/new-york/totally-kids-wonderschool-3224

#2: A Magical Place 

A Magical Place is designed with development in mind, as the director holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and is working toward her Doctorate with a dissertation on play-based learning. Parents refer to their communication style as diligent, so you can trust that you’ll know right away about incidents and illnesses, as well as praise. Fun activities for children include STEM-filled library trips, helping cook in the kitchen, and daily circle time. And you can choose from 2, 3, 4, and 5-day schedules.

What Makes It Stand Out? Excellent Communication

Where Can I Learn More?  https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/brooklyn/a-magical-place-1180

#3: Little Motivators Wonderschool

The last thing you want at a child care in New York is yelling, and this program is about the farthest from that style of discipline with their focus on positive motivation. The mother-child provider duo offers a warm, family-like feel for both students and parents. Spanish and English are taught throughout the day, and children work on many other fun projects as well.

What Makes It Stand Out? Positive Motivation-Based Learning

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/new-york/little-motivators-wonderschool-4126

#4: Greenpoint Montessori

This Montessori school is run by a well-credentialed director in both Montessori itself and early education as a whole. The curriculum is child-led and emergent, as well as offered in a simple, stunning environment. Children are deeply respected as individuals and offered opportunities to eat, sleep, express emotion, and move whenever they need to. The 2.5 to 5 year age range and full time schedule offers consistency and comradery among learners.

What Makes It Stand Out? Montessori-Inspired

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/brooklyn/greenpoint-montessori-326

#5: Budding Blossoms Early Childcare and Development

Above all else, Budding Blossoms focuses on providing a warm and inviting environment for students. The schedules are flexible and nontraditional hours are offered, which can be a big help for families who work outside of the typical 9-5. Organic meals and snacks are offered. And as a parent, you can access cameras to check on your student at any time.

What Makes It Stand Out? Warm and Inviting

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/new-york/budding-blossoms-early-childcare-and-development-384

#6: Wiggles, Giggles, & Smiles

Like the name suggests, this child care in New York is all about fun. It offers a play-based learning style to still provide your student with school readiness. The age range is 10 months to 6 years and 2-5 day weeks are available, allowing you to customize care to meet your needs. The group heads to a nearby park everyday for movement and fresh air as well.

What Makes It Stand Out? Play-Based

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/new-york/wiggles,-giggles,-&-smiles-2206

#7: Art & Wonder Preschool

This school offers a Reggio-Emilia style of learning and a heavy focus on creative arts. Open-ended toys are offered for exploration, as well as plenty of outdoor time. Nap time is offered but not required, which is helpful for parents of littles who don’t sleep during the day. The 2-6 year olds in the program enjoy exploring local nature parks and playgrounds each week as well.

What Makes It Stand Out? Hands-On Exploration

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/new-york/art-&-wonder-preschool-758

#8: Eugenia’s Wonderschool

This child care in New York’s motto states that children “learn, grow, and thrive” when they feel “safe, loved, and nurtured.” Language and conflict resolution skills are taught patiently. Outside time is offered daily and often includes nature walks. The 1:4 provider-to-child ratio allows for deep connection and meaningful play throughout the day.

What Makes It Stand Out? SEL-Focused

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/brooklyn/eugenia's-wonderschool-3956

#9: Dolphin Daycare Wonderschool

This Spanish Immersion program offers priceless language exposure at a young age. It’s run by a mom and dad duo, offering the unique aspect of a male role model. The education model focuses on providing developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities through play, as well as ensuring each child feels safe, loved, and nurtured. The age range includes children from 2 months to 5 years old and the schedule offers 4 and 5-day week options.

What Makes It Stand Out? Bilingual Spanish

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/brooklyn/dolphin-daycare-wonderschool-3238

#10: Greenwood Heights Playgroup

This playgroup offers part time and full times schedules, as well as a summer camp, to fully meet parents’ childcare needs. The providers hold degrees in Early Childhood Education. Other fun features include a play-based curriculum, multicultural music, yoga, and daily outdoor time, either in the backyard or in neighboring parks.

What Makes It Stand Out? Flexible Schedules

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/brooklyn/greenwood-heights-playgroup-3082

#11 Andrea's Wonderschool

This program is play-based, bilingual, and excepts infants. Its great for families  looking for quality childcare with unique offerings and incredible teachers.

What Makes It Stand Out? Infant experience

Where Can I Learn More? https://www.wonderschool.com/ny/brooklyn/andrea%27s-wonderschool-3114

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