Wonderschool Partners With Yelp

February 4, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Wonderschool has partnered with Yelp to help directors market their programs. Directors on Wonderschool who are new to Yelp can now receive $300 in upfront advertising credits, enabling them to better promote their programs to families looking for child care in their area.

We’ve learned that oftentimes directors have plenty of experience with early childhood education, but don’t always know how to market themselves. Setting up a Wonderschool is not only about running your program — it’s also about figuring how you’re going to get your school’s name and mission out there, and finding families who believe in you and your vision.

Yelp makes it easy and quick for businesses to run ads and capture interest from customers in their area. So many families turn to Yelp when it comes to choosing a local childcare center, and we’re excited by the visibility this partnership will give new directors. With 100MM unique monthly visitors searching for businesses near them, 97% make a purchase decision after visiting Yelp.

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