Everyone in a family is impacted by an intense and demanding career.

Many times parents work through holidays, stay late and miss their child’s school play, or hop on a last-minute flight across the country.

It’s not ideal, but sacrifices like this are made when we’re committed to our careers.

I watch my parent employees at Wonderschool and I am in awe of how they are invested in their work, the company’s mission, and how they wholeheartedly dedicate themselves in order to achieve their goals.

It’s time that organizations invest back in parents just as much as they’ve given to their orgs.

If childcare was an offered as part of an employee benefits package, not only would employees be more enticed to stay long term, but you’d attract even more talent.

People want careers in places that value them and invest in their wellbeing, which absolutely includes providing quality, affordable early education programs for their kids.

The way you win as a company is by having the best employees.

You get the best employees by being a great place to work.