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How to Pick a Preschool in Less Than an Hour – NYTimes
In this op-ed piece, columnist David Kirp describes the stark differences between two preschools. One where discovery, dress up, peacemaking, exploration, investigation and curiosity were happening, and one where he heard the following:
“Stay within the lines,” a teacher commanded a 3-year-old boy. “You’re not tracing the triangle.” After he started coloring, she returned, exasperated. “You weren’t paying attention during circle time. Only color the triangles, not the circle or the heart.” The teacher turned to me. “I like the kids when they stay within the lines and color beautiful,” she said. In another class, children were told to paint the bottom section of a pyramid. The directions were the same: Stay within the lines. It turned out that the kids were painting the food pyramid, but they didn’t know that’s what they were doing.

Baby in a Box? Free Cardboard Bassinets Encourage Safe Sleeping- NYTimes
You may have heard how Finnish newborns sleep in cardboard cribs. Now, New Jersey has become the first state to adopt a broad program to reduce infant deaths by aiming to distribute as many as 105,000 of the so-called baby boxes — the expected number of births in the state this year. Baby boxes, which have a snug-fitting mattress, have been handed out to new parents for decades in Finland, which has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, and less than half that of the United States. Cardboard cribs could not only be a safe sleeping solution, but also an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and minimalistic choice.

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