One of our most exciting new initiatives of 2019 is our Director Growth Pathways plan. This plan is a professional development journey customized for each and every program director based on their own unique background and experience in ECE, as well as their goals for professional growth.

Wonderschool frequently gets asked the question, “How do you help ensure educators have what they need to be successful, and to ensure high quality early learning experiences?” Our Director Growth Pathways address this issue directly, as well as aligning with our Quality and Safety Promise, which all providers agree to prior to joining Wonderschool, and our company value of always keeping a growth mindset. The pathways are implemented with the support of our ECE Mentors, who work alongside providers to select the experiences and trainings an educator will complete.

We have created four pathways, each relating to a combination of ECE education and experience. Pathway 1 kicks off training and experience-building for those providers who are starting out with minimal formalized experience in an ECE program, and with no or very few college credits in ECE coursework. Each path builds on education and experience combinations, culminating in Path 4 which is reflective of providers with 5+ years of experience working in a licensed early childhood program, plus a minimum of 24 college credits in ECE or a relevant degree.

Each pathway is comprised of curated trainings from Wonderschool partners such as Zero to Three, and requires providers to sign up through their state’s Early Childhood Workforce Registry. College course recommendations follow each state’s pathway towards ECE teacher certification, and experience is gained from spending time either as a volunteer or as a paid assistant in an already operating Wonderschool program.

Our goal with these pathways is to continually build on the qualifications of our educators, helping them to gain skills and experience, connect with other providers in our network, and produce a well-qualified network of providers. We believe that treating each member of our network as the professional that they are, and helping them find professional development opportunities just like a professional in any other industry would have, will help reduce turnover and burnout and help ensure long-term success and quality of programs.

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