Hi Wonderschool Directors!

I’m so excited to get to know this community of talented and inspirational educators and wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

I got my start as a preschool teacher, teaching three-year-olds at the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center in Washington, DC. This was a very unique preschool setting because we considered the entire National Mall and its museums to be extensions of our classroom. Even with this uncommon environment, much of our day would have been almost indistinguishable from any other preschool: we played outside, ate lunch and a snack, napped, and explored the world. You can read about one of my favorite units of study, the Science of Superheroes, in this article I co-wrote for NAEYC’s Teaching Young Children magazine.

Preschool children looking at abstract art
Looking at abstract art is one of my favorite things to do with young children. They have so many ideas to share and are unafraid to share them. Here we are having circle time in front of Andy Goldsworthy’s Roof.

Throughout my five years in the classroom, I became fascinated by the question of technology — it was all around us, but how was it affecting our kids? What was the value for early learners? These big questions lead me to enroll in Stanford’s Learning, Design & Technology masters program, where I focused on researching and designing technologies to foster interaction between parents and young children.

Preschool children learning about shapes outside
Using public art to hunt for shapes.

Since graduate school, I have worked at the intersection of early learning and technology. I am motivated by the question of how we can use technology to support early learners, their teachers, and their parents. I am joining the team at Wonderschool to research and develop the products and tools that will improve the experiences of our directors, parents, and students. I’m so impressed by the work that you are doing each and every day, and look forward to collaborating!

Preschool children learning about construction by visiting construction site
During a unit on construction, my class and I spent a lot of time at a nearby construction site observing the work and progress.