Child care program directors choose to use software solutions like Wonderschool so that they can do everything in one place. The tuition collection process is a good example of a key feature in child care software — managing payments digitally is significantly easier than having to deal with manual invoices and paper checks or cash.

Getting paid smoothly and on time is especially important for child care program directors, especially when they spend much of their time managing their daily tasks and taking care of the children in their program. In order to keep their programs open and running, directors need to make sure that their revenues cover costs.

We know that directors do everything they can to meet the needs of their families, and many families prefer to pay weekly. Automated weekly tuition payments is our newest payment feature, giving directors the flexibility to collect tuition on a weekly basis instead of monthly. Directors using Wonderschool can provide this option to both new families that enroll through Wonderschool or existing families already enrolled in their program.

Families have the flexibility to choose whether they want to pay via ACH or credit/debit card. Parents who want to find programs that accept weekly payments can now also filter for this when searching for programs on Wonderschool, under the “Budget & Subsidy” filter in the search experience.

What’s next? We’re continuing to work on features that make the payment process more efficient for directors on Wonderschool. Stay tuned for more updates!