Our mission is to ensure every child has access to early education that helps them realize their potential—and when it comes to creating effective, engaging learning experiences for kids, teachers and parents are true partners.

Close communication is a key piece of that partnership, and we want to help bring it into one place that’s easy to access on a mobile device during a busy day. So to support our Wonderschool program directors’ and parents’ need for easier, more seamless communication, we built the Wonderschool app, now available for Android and iOS.

With the Wonderschool App:

  • Program directors and teachers can send updates and photos to show parents what their children are up to during the day and what they’re learning.
  • They can also make announcements to all parents to remind everyone that they’ll be closed for spring break, or of an upcoming field trip, or anything else that everyone needs to know.
  • If a parent is going to be 10 minutes late for pickup, or a child is staying home sick, parents and teachers can message each other instantly via the app, and know when messages have been received with read receipts.
  • Program staff can access each child’s profile including medications, dietary needs, and more right in the app for easy reference.

Many thanks to the directors and parents who beta tested the app and gave so much thoughtful feedback to help us improve features and build a roadmap to continue to meet your needs.

Directors can learn more about how to use the app here, and parents can learn more here. Please let us know what you think with the Make A Wish feedback feature in the app!