Shelter in Place might have diminished or even all together eliminated our normal self care routines. Since we haven’t yet figured out how to magically make new rooms appear in our homes, the Wonderschool community is relying on some tech-enabled options to take care of our brains, bodies, and loved ones. Scroll through for more.


Whether you’re getting too much family time, or not enough, there are ways to make the most of it.


For many instructors, they’ve been offering virtual classes for years, so there’s no shortage to be found on the internet.


Whether you’re used to cooking every meal or not, coming up with a meal plan can be exhausting. Switch up your routine with one of these sites.


Catching up on your favorite shows might get old eventually. Feed your brain in other ways.

Social Media

No matter your feelings on social media going into this experience, it can be a helpful reprieve from the news of the day. Tap into the lighter side of social media apps.

How else are you taking care of yourself and your loved ones?