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Sesame Street Tool Kits-
From healthy teeth, to getting ready for school, to finances for kids, Sesame Street has tool kits for parents that includes videos and printables, to help teachers help children through big challenges.

Why Young Girls Don’t Think They’re Smart Enough- NYTimes
By the age of 6, young girls are less likely than boys to view their own gender as brilliant. Research found that girls as young as 6 start to believe that specific activities are “not for them” simply because they think they’re not smart enough.

Even if parents do not explicitly endorse this stereotype, evidence suggests that it affects their hopes for their children. A 2014 report found that American parents Googled “Is my son a genius?” more than twice as often as they Googled “Is my daughter a genius?” In contrast, questions about physical appearance were relatively more common for girls: Parents Googled “Is my daughter overweight?” about 70 percent more often than “Is my son overweight?”

What is to be done? Research provides some clues. The psychologist Carol Dweck has written that emphasizing the importance of learning and effort — rather than just innate ability — for success in any career might buffer girls against these stereotypes. Other research indicates that providing girls with successful role models might similarly “inoculate” them, boosting their motivation and protecting them from the idea that they are not intellectually competitive. One study even suggested that witnessing a more equal distribution of household chores could help balance the career aspirations of boys and girls.

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