4 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Open a Family Child Care Business in Missouri

December 26, 2023

Missouri has been facing a child care crisis since before the pandemic began. And COVID-19 brought even more challenges and closures to an already difficult field. Federal funding helped, but as resources faded, so did child care slots across the state. 

This crisis has affected families, employers, and the overall economy. When a child can’t attend daycare, their parents often cannot work, creating a widespread ripple effect. 

In response, the state of Missouri has dedicated time and funding to strengthening the child care industry as a whole. A new partnership with Wonderschool, for example, will support new and existing child care providers through training, business support, marketing, and more.

By opening a new child care today, you will not only make an impact in the lives of children and families. You will play a role in rebuilding Missouri’s economy. And you’ll receive proven, hands-on support to ensure your business is successful from the start.

Read on to dig deeper into four of the best reasons why now is an ideal time to start a new family child care business in Missouri.

#1: The Demand for Quality Child Care is Growing

As mentioned above, child care slots are already low across the state. More than half of children under five live in what’s called a “child care desert,” meaning there are not enough slots for the children who need care. Infant openings are particularly hard to find, as spots are limited due to lower provider-to-child ratios. 

Workplaces continue to return to normal post-pandemic, leading more and more parents back to the office for work. This may mean that they are looking for consistent care for the first time in years.

And even though the number of children requiring care is growing, Missouri’s child care spots are not. By opening a new family daycare, you can trust that many of these families will be reaching out to you for potential care.

#2: You’ll Have Access to Proven Software to Launch and Grow Your Child Care

Missouri child care providers can now utilize Wonderschool’s online platform to run the business side of their family child care. The platform includes:

  • A free website for your business — it’s easy to design professional and functional sites with no prior experience.
  • Increased visibility — in Wonderschool’s online child care directory.
  • Management tools — for tracking leads, scheduling site tours, taking enrollments, organizing finances, and communicating with parents.

Some more benefits of Wonderschool’s child care software:

  • All business tools are located in one convenient spot
  • It’s offered at no cost to new and existing Missouri child care providers
  • Training and support services are available for all parts of the platform

#3: Wonderschool Academy Can Address All of Your Business Concerns

Many child care providers are comfortable caring for children, but not as keen on running a business. Wonderschool Academy was built to combat this dilemma. The 3-month training program will walk you through all of the topics you need to know to become a thriving child care business owner in Missouri. 

Some covered topics include:

  • Getting licensed
  • Making a business plan
  • Setting tuition rates
  • Filing taxes, tracking expenses, etc.
  • Marketing your business
  • Scheduling tours and taking enrollments
  • And more.

#4: You’ll Have Access to Ongoing Coaching and Support

Your support will not end when you finish Wonderschool Academy. You will have access to several forms of coaching, including child care cohorts with other providers and individual business coaching. Whenever a question arises, you can trust that someone will be there to help you out.

Monthly webinars provide continuing education opportunities for all providers as well.

All in all, it’s a wonderful time to open a new family child care in Missouri. The state’s partnership with Wonderschool provides proven resources at no cost to you. And families are waiting for openings all around you. If you’re interested in getting started today, visit our Missouri site today. Get started with Wodnerschool Academy or dig into other resources, and look forward to a meaningful, well-supported career to come.

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