After 15 Years Of Dreaming About It, I Started My Putnam Valley In Home Preschool in 12 Weeks. Here's How.

September 13, 2022


Marcia has 34 years of experience as an early childhood educator and behavioral therapist. She's ready to apply her expertise and serve more children by starting a home-based child care in Putnam Valley, New York. 

Outdoor Play at Discovery Nook Wonderschool in Putnam Valley, NY


For the past 15 years, Marcia has wanted to start her own child care business but found the process of becoming a licensed child care provider in New York to be overwhelming and isolating. She wasn’t sure how to comply with state regulations or create child care plans and resources such as a child care business plan, a marketing plan, or a parent handbook. And most importantly, she needed the support of a child care community to help her cross the finish line. Child care providers have traditionally felt isolated from having mentorship or camaraderie, and this was the case for Marcia, who didn’t have a strong source of truth or support network to ask questions or gather feedback. 

“Starting a family child care can be a huge challenge. Wonderschool Academy breaks things down into small steps, and the staff is always available to help you. Working with people who understand the business side of things has been fantastic. I've always wanted to [start a child care], and I looked into franchises and other options. It just wasn't feasible for me to do that upfront cost. And I always wanted to do it, but do it right."


Marcia enrolled in Wonderschool Academy after learning about the program on Indeed. She was intrigued by the prospect of enrolling in a flexible, robust 12-week program that would allow her to continue working as a therapist while launching her own business. She also liked that there were no upfront costs with Wonderschool Academy.

Becky, my Wonderschool coach, assisted me in switching from fear into action. She advised me not to look at the big picture but to do something every day–one step at a time.  My peers were also highly motivating. When I saw how they were getting things done and mastering how to start their business, I thought, 'I could do that too.”-Marcia Corniel, Preschool Director, Discovery Nook Wonderschool, Putnam Valley, NY.


Within 12 weeks, Marcia finished her licensing application and is ready to launch Discovery Nook Wonderschool. She's excited about starting her home-based preschool and working as a child care director. She has all the tools she needs to launch her business and a new support system for every stage in fulfilling her lifelong dream.

Cozy Nook at Discovery Nook Wonderschool in Putnam Valley, NY
Exterior of of Discovery Nook Wonderschool in Putnam Valley, NY
Gross Motor Play At Discovery Nook Wonderschool in Putnam Valley, NY

Wonderschool Child Care Director Benefits

  1. Walks providers through licensing process
  2. 1:1 coaching on how to effectively establish a quality program
  3. Community support that includes access to thousands of other child care directors all across the country

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