Improving Sustainability and Quality Of Friends, Family, and Neighbors Child Care

July 31, 2022


Candelen is a non-profit organization in Arizona that provides resources for families, caregivers, and child care providers. A significant number of participants of Candelen programming are Family, Friend, or Neighbor (FFN) caregivers. FFN caregivers in Arizona traditionally (and legally) can take care of four or fewer children in their home, exempt from licensure.

In a time of child care shortage, providing FFN caregivers access to online presence to connect with families searching for care can help solve the demand.


FFN providers need user-friendly technology tools to promote quality care. Without the ability to be discovered by more families and grow professionally, FFN caregivers are disconnected from vital community support and families seeking this type of home based care.


Candelen partnered with Wonderschool to help FFN caregivers increase visibility and professionalize with modernized, turnkey websites. Within one month of onboarding, FFN caregivers had
up and running websites and child care management software that was easy to use and update. FFN caregivers can also see the operational side of their services. Their new websites have a child care business dashboard for signing in & out, parent messaging, and record keeping.

Many FFNs are thinking about the next step to professionalize their services but don't know how. Wonderschool is a one-stop shop for everyone, including providers who are not tech savvy. The website and resources uplift their professionalism and enable FFNs to help more families. - Angela Tapia, Team & Relationship Manager, Candelen (Arizona)


More and more families are now finding FFN caregivers through Wonderschool's online marketplace. With the success of this first step, some providers are now adopting other Wonderschool tools, including auto-billing to manage payments.

Wonderschool Partnership Benefits

1. Turnkey websites and technical onboarding support
2. Community outreach support
3. Professional development resources for network providers

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