Celebrating Our Advisory Board

March 31, 2021

When I’m with my advisory board, talking about what education could and should be, I’m at my most inspired.

18 months ago, I started meeting with 7 individuals on a monthly basis, all from different backgrounds in education, to brainstorm how Wonderschool can transform learning. Jim Shelton is our expert on interpreting federal and local education policies.

David Fleishman understands how the child resource and referral system works better than anyone I know. Fran McIntyre sees the relationship between employers and childcare and how it can blossom.

Ashley Beckner is one of the most influential and well-connected people in the industry. Bill Hudson, the former president of the National Association for Family Child Care, helps us understand the mechanics of various orgs who support family child care providers.

Kai-leé Berke, the former CEO of Teaching Strategies, has introduced Wonderschool to so many of our most valuable connections.

… and Mia Pritts, who leads the advisory board and does an incredible job.

You need incredible people around you to create something incredible.

To folks wondering if you need an advisory board. The answer is YES. Reach out to those who inspire you.. one day, they might answer back.

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