How Wonderschool is Paving the Way For Working Parents, With Support from the Citi Impact Fund

May 30, 2023

We're honored to have the support in expanding child care access and take great pride in working with companies like Citi to draw attention to the impact of child care. The need for child care is important, because it impacts children and families as well as businesses and communities. We're proud that the Citi Impact Fund is an investor in our mission, and honored that Citi featured Wonderschool in a national advertisement, further highlighting the importance of inclusive access to childcare.

The Child Care Conundrum

The challenges faced by working parents in balancing their careers and childcare responsibilities have long been a topic of concern. Recent data has shown that nearly half of American parents struggle to find licensed child care facilities for their children. This not only affects the well-being of families but also has the potential to impact businesses as parents are forced to miss work to care for their kids.

Child care is an essential pillar in supporting working parents, allowing them to sustain their careers while ensuring their children receive proper care and education. However, the scarcity of licensed childcare options has created a major hurdle for many families. 

Impact on Businesses

The ripple effects of inadequate childcare options extend to the business realm. Parents, especially mothers, often find themselves forced to miss work, reduce working hours, or even leave their jobs altogether due to the lack of suitable childcare solutions. This not only limits the talent pool available to businesses but also hampers workforce productivity. To put it succinctly, the child care crisis directly affects economic growth and prosperity.

Wonderschool and The Citi Impact Fund’s Investment: A Catalyst for Change

Wonderschool is bridging the gap between passionate entrepreneurs and families in need of quality child care services. Wonderschool empowers individuals to establish and operate in-home child care businesses that meet stringent licensing standards. By streamlining the setup process and offering a supportive network, Wonderschool not only creates new avenues of income for aspiring childcare providers but also ensures that families have access to reliable and licensed child care options.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing the child care gap and its economic implications, the Citi Impact Fund  invested in Wonderschool, in alignment with the Fund’s commitment to backing innovative, “double-bottom line” companies that drive financial and social returns. Investments such as this have the potential for lasting impact, helping Wonderschool in its work to bolster the child care industry and enable parents to return to their jobs with peace of mind, all while driving economy recovery.

Benefits Beyond Business

The impact of the collaboration between Wonderschool and Citi reaches beyond the immediate business and economic realms. By facilitating the growth of in-home child care businesses, more families can access personalized and nurturing care for their children. Moreover, communities can expect a resurgence in local economies as parents rejoin the workforce. It's not just about business; it's about collective progress and revitalization.

The child care crisis in the United States has created ripples across families, businesses, and communities. But, by empowering people to establish in-home child care businesses and offering families more accessible options, this collaboration has the potential to reshape the child care landscape, allowing more parents to return to work.

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