Customized, Government-supported Child Care Solutions By Wonderschool

April 13, 2022

As more governments seek aggregate child care solutions, they must consider the agility of their resources – especially when merging quality data with child care management features. Each government’s needs are distinct, demanding diverse approaches but still requiring a singular, robust child care ecosystem.

We are excited to announce the Wonderschool Government Platform for state agencies and networks. Our modular platform equips states and networks with access to child care data and management resources all in one place, enabling them to:

  • Create more supply of child care programs
  • Offer a child care marketplace customized for each state or municipality
  • Manage grant, subsidy, and food program reimbursement processes
  • Improve the economics of providers through robust CCMS
  • and more!

Addressing Data Fragmentation and The Lack of Quality Child Care

Government agencies and networks face two main obstacles that make their local childcare industry fragile: a scarcity of child care options and a lack of integrated, comprehensive data to make allocating and deploying funds simpler and more effective.

Low-quality data costs the U.S. economy approximately $3.1 trillion each year, and the child care industry is not immune. For governance procedures and meaningful participation, high-quality data is vital in child care. It has been demonstrated that quality, state-wide data correlates with better early childhood education outcomes.

The need for quality data is one part of the problem. Child care providers lack modernized and centralized structural supports that elevate their earnings path and make the industry a desirable and viable option. Nearly 16,000 child care programs have closed since the pandemic citing insufficient funds and resources as the primary reasons.

States need to support the establishment of high-quality child care programs located close to parents as well as a pipeline of new providers who are set up to run financially successful businesses. In the absence of reliable data and provider buy-in, it’s not possible to reach sustainable goals in child care.

How Wonderschool Government Platform Helps States

Wonderschool adapts to the individual requirements of each state and network to meet their child care needs. We start with defining what high-functioning and high-quality childcare access looks like across the community.

From there, we customize a child care solution. Some states seek the creation of new programs in rural communities, CCMS tools for providers for better parent communications, and streamlined billing processes. Other agencies utilize our white label search tools, parent portal, and coordinated enrollment features.

Getting Started

Many of Wonderschool Government Platform features meet the requirements of federally funded child care initiatives. Contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss your agency’s child care needs.

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