Who Needs Us Most: Early Childhood Education Entrepreneurs

January 22, 2021

You know what’s a $57B industry in terms of tuition?

I’m not talking about college. Not even talking about the private high schools that line the upper east side.

With 24 million children under the age of 5 in the US, that amount is how much we spend annually on early childhood education.

Still, parents aren’t able to find convenient and high quality childcare options. Children are placed on endless waitlists. Moms and dads are forced to call out of work. Kids miss out on the opportunity to develop.

With a market size like that, there should be an abundance of early childhood education programs in major metro areas. But with a shortage of early educators (due to lower than avg. salaries and rising costs of living) families are left scrambling.

We’re starting to fix that.

Being An Educator & Entrepreneur

An educator with the spirit of entrepreneurship wants to impact others and earn more but needs support. In as little as two months, Wonderschool can support this educator with the tools and guidance to establish an in-home early education program – training, licensing, admin tools, and marketing materials.

What we’re doing is lofty. It’s a totally new concept and we’re learning right as we grow. But you know who needs us the most?

Those 24 million children. They deserve the best chance at life.

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