How I Got The Support I Needed With Starting A Child Care In Las Vegas

September 6, 2022


LaToya Hicks has been a child care provider for 25 years. She originally had a program in Los Angeles but moved to Nevada. She plans to open Bibi’s Buzy Bees Playhouse Child Care in Northern Las Vegas, a program providing a fun learning environment and a haven for children during their formative years.


Starting over in a new state can be daunting, even for seasoned providers. Latoya needed a parent handbook, business plan, budget, and marketing plan prepared to be eligible for a time-sensitive child care grant and to simply start on the right path.


Latoya enrolled in Wonderschool Academy to create all necessary startup materials. She was delighted to discover that Wonderschool Academy incorporated current best practices for all business aspects of her program, including an in-person and online support community.

"Being in the profession for so long, I knew a lot about child care and children but needed help with the business side. Wonderschool has been hugely advantageous for backend operations and business education. Darcy, our teacher, was patient, encouraging, and approachable." -Latoya Hicks, Child Care Director, Bibi's Busy Beez Playhouse, Las Vegas, NV.


In just 12 weeks, she completed all the materials required to start her program. Her program is ready to enroll new families. LaToya estimates that if she hadn't joined the program Wonderschool Academy, she wouldn't be half as ready as she is today.

Children play with Magna Tiles At Bibi's Busy Beez Playhouse
Outside Play Space
Indoor Early Education Classroom

Wonderschool Academy Benefits

  1. Helps provider use technology to create up-to-date parent handbooks and manuals
  2. Helps providers get licensed in less time
  3. Provides an online and local community of support for starting a child care and applying for child care grants

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