Why Wonderschool Is Sharita Walker's Choice For Child Care Communications

September 8, 2022


Sharita Walker is the director of Let’s Be A Kid Family Daycare, an FCC established 15 years ago that serves 12 children daily in Richmond, VA. In September 2022, her program will become a center that serves 42 children, fulfilling her lifelong dream of expansion.


As her program expands, Sharita must reduce time spent on manual enrollments, payments, and daily parent communications to focus on program enhancement through compliance, administrative roles, and staff supervision.


Sharita joined Wonderschool to help her during her time of growth. Her program has a new interactive website on the Wonderschool marketplace where parents can easily apply. She also uses the Wonderschool all-in-one app to communicate with parents and set up billing for automatic invoices and payments.

“Wonderschool is a pathway for effective two-way communication between the parents and myself about the children’s day, how to enroll, and how to make payments fast and easy for everyone.”-Sharita Walker, Child Care Director, Let's Be A Kid Family Daycare, Richmond, VA.


With her Wonderschool website, Sharita has seen an increase in demand at about 25% since joining Wonderschool. Moreso, the Wonderschool app saves 1-3 hours on administrative tasks such as creating and updating waitlisting, scheduling tours, and processing payments.

Indoor play at Let’s Be A Kid Family Daycare,

Wonderschool Software Benefits

  1. Increases and grows your waitlist with less paperwork
  2. Direct tuition invoicing and payments
  3. All-in-one child care app that saves time for providers and parents

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