5 At Home Activities When Your Child Is Sick

May 21, 2020

Whether you’re a child care provider, parent, or both, you might be digging deep to find new play experiences for your children. With playgrounds and parks closed, it can feel like we’re all a little trapped. Here are some of the materials the Wonderschool team and community has acquired to keep everyone in their home a little saner.

Water beads

A quick Amazon order and you’ll have 1,000 of these show up at your front door. And the opportunities for play are endless. These have kept many a toddler engaged for no joke– hours. Pair them with small scoops like this and set them free.

The bubble gun

We’re at a stage where regular bubbles aren’t enough, we need something with more power. Enter the bubble gun. You can hold it or your children can hold it.

Paint sticks

Art activities are great. And sometimes we just can’t deal with the regular paints. Again. These paint sticks are really vibrant and satisfying and so much less messy.

Coloring mat

Even if you had a roll of paper to start with, it’s probably gone by now. Enter the reusable coloring mat! You can leave it on the floor or suction it to a sliding glass door. Draw, clean, repeat. (Clean, repeat, clean, repeat… forever)

Wacky paint brushes

With the easel getting so much attention, you might need to introduce some new painting utensils. They might not be less messy, but they are really fun to use while painting.

What else is keeping the tiny humans (and by extension the adults) in your life sane?

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