Launching a Bilingual Preschool Program: Nini Diouf's Experience with Wonderschool

March 31, 2023

In this episode 14, Building A Strong Foundation At An Early Age, of the Wonderschool CEO Chris Bennett speaks with Nini Diouf, the founder of Jolie Jardin, a successful preschool program that operates within the Wonderschool network. Diouf's journey to becoming a Wonderschool provider is a unique and inspiring one.

From Struggling Teacher to Successful Entrepreneur

Diouf is a single mother originally from Senegal who began her career in early childhood education as a preschool teacher, but found that she was struggling to make ends meet on her salary. To supplement her income, she began driving for Uber, but soon realized that this was not a sustainable long-term solution.

Determined to fulfill her dream of starting her own preschool program, Diouf reached out to various organizations for support and guidance. Many people she spoke with recommended Wonderschool as a valuable resource for aspiring providers. After doing her research, Diouf decided to join the Wonderschool network and launch her own program, Nini's Jolie Jardin. With the support and guidance of the Wonderschool team, she was able to navigate the complexities of starting her own business and build a successful program from the ground up.

A Holistic Approach to Early Childhood Education

Nini's Jolie Jardin, is a French bilingual preschool program that emphasizes the importance of effective communication skills at a very young age. In the The Childhoods By Wonderschool podcast, Nini describes her first hand experiences about the importance of using language to help children from all backgrounds at a very young age.

Success with Wonderschool

Since launching Jolie Jardin, Diouf has more than tripled her income and has been able to move into a larger house to serve more children. She credits much of her success to the guidance and support she received from Wonderschool, which helped her to navigate the regulatory landscape, market her program effectively, and provide high-quality care and education to her students.

Diouf's story is a powerful testament to the impact that Wonderschool can have on the lives and careers of aspiring early childhood educators. By providing a platform for talented individuals like Diouf to launch and grow their own programs, Wonderschool is helping to ensure that more children have access to high-quality early childhood education, while also empowering educators to fulfill their dreams and achieve financial stability.

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