Making It Easier To Run A Sustainable Child Care In Texas

January 25, 2023


Established in 2014, Munchkins Care is a Reggio-inspired program that serves all children, especially neurodivergent children in Hurst, Texas. The director, Leonor Velazquez, comes from a family of preschool teachers and wanted to continue the tradition of care but in a new way.


Leonor is the sole teacher of Munchkins and a mother of two with limited time to market her program or perform must-need business tasks like tracking enrollments and payments.  Administrative tasks took away time from caring for the children and her own family. Processing enrollment and tuition payments was the hardest part. She had to invoice and follow up with each family manually.


Leonor discovered Wonderschool in a community child care meeting. Wonderschool helped her with marketing, enrollment, payment automation, and a turn-key online website. Although she came to Wonderschool for payment collection support she found other benefits that improved the business performance of her program and saved her time all around so she can focus on teaching.

"Providers complain about not receiving money on time or being unable to secure enrollments. Wonderschool is the solution to these genuine problems." Leonor Velazquez, Program Director, Munchkins Care Wonderschool, Hurst Texas


After joining, she saw enrollments increase by 399%, touring families increase by 300%, and web views increase by 310%. She saves 15 hours per week, previously used run her business and track payments. She makes $1989 more per month on average. She has cared for and taught over 30+ children, supporting twice the number of parents and primary givers in need of care so they can return to the workforce. With 20 5-star reviews from parents on her Wonderschool website, Leonor is planning to open a second program to meet demand.

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