Millennials Want More From Their Child Care

January 14, 2021

Remember when there was a new article published every week with the headline: “Millennials killed the ____ Industry”?

They didn’t necessarily “kill” any industry, rather they forced orgs to reassess how they market, sell, and provide goods or services, because millennials have different values than generations before. (OK, maybe they killed Cable TV actually.)

They want skincare that’s custom to their face. Mattresses with the perfect firmness for their body. Razors to come in the mail. It’s about convenience and personalization.

Millennials are now having children and they want childcare that aligns with their values, is near their homes, and is engaging. It’s forcing us in the edtech space to assess how we look at early education and how we can make it accessible.

Over the last few decades orgs have started to offer on-site childcare as a benefit to employees. Not nearly enough, but it’s starting.

Only 17 of the Fortune 100 companies offer some sort of on-site daycare.That’s a pretty low ratio, and with how expensive it is to find and hire new employees (to replace those that can’t keep their jobs after having kids) it only makes sense that these huge orgs begin to offer childcare.

Benefits like this are lofty, but they’ll keep employees around way longer.

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