NAFCC-Accredited Family Child Care Providers To Receive Custom Recognition on Wonderschool Platform

March 31, 2021

The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), the only national professional association dedicated to promoting high-quality early childhood experiences in the unique environment of family child care programs, has partnered with Wonderschool to bring a new custom recognition badge to providers who are accredited through NAFCC and also using the Wonderschool platform.

Why is this important? In-home child care providers are often underrepresented for their achievements, experience, and expertise caring for young children and supporting families. The NAFCC Accreditation process is an accomplishment that requires additional effort, learning, and quality systems to be in place and it’s important to both organizations to surface these achievements to families looking for care, as well as make accreditation more accessible to in-home providers.

Wonderschool, the end to end solution for family child care providers and small centers, supports individual providers, families and network leaders to increase the health of the child care landscape on the ground. Parents use the Wonderschool marketplace to find care that matches their family’s unique needs, while providers use it to power their businesses.

For the individual provider, Wonderschool offers online marketing tools, a childcare management system, a diverse community of practice, shared services resources and individualized support to increase the sustainability and health of their business.

Wonderschool empowers child care networks, CCR&Rs, and state ECE systems by equipping them with the tools they need to work smarter by making data driven decisions. Our focus is providing relevant, real time data to enhance insights and efficiencies on the ground aimed at saving you time and increasing results.

With the Wonderschool partnership, NAFCC will be able to elevate the achievements of the many FCCs who have already achieved Accreditation, as well as highlight the Wonderschool platform to the nearly 130,000 regulated family child care programs in the U.S.

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