New Mexico Child Care Providers: How To Target and Boost Enrollment Leads With Wonderschool

December 22, 2022


Merlin Martinez owns and operates Little Bear Learning Center, a family daycare in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Merlin has been in practice for seven years and is the sole provider for five children.


Merlin needed a website with smart business tools to promote enrollment openings, but she found good websites to be expensive to use and difficult to manage.

Instead, she would use Facebook Marketplace to advertise her program. Unfortunately, since Facebook Marketplace posts are not child care program specific, most of the time she would get inadequate responses.


The New Mexico Early Childhood and Education Department sent a flyer to Merlin about using Wonderschool to manage and grow her program.  Merlin signed up for the turnkey website and the ability to share enrollment openings automatically.

Many providers believe child care management technology is too hard to use. However, Wonderschool's technology is really simple. They offer technology coaching with translation support if you don't speak English. Yolanda, the New Mexico provider support person, is super helpful and energetic.-Merlin Martinez, Little Bear Learning Center LLC, (Albuquerque, NM)


Merlin went from receiving less than one enrollment request via Facebook market post to receiving 5 phone calls and online messages per week from her Wonderschool website. Now, Merlin has a waiting list and will be using other Wonderschool features including auto-billing and photo sharing.


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