Spanish Language Support on Wonderschool

February 19, 2021

At Wonderschool, we know that the child care industry is one of the most diverse in the country, and too often, providers who speak English as a second language are left behind. Immigrants account for nearly one-fifth of the overall early childhood education and care workforce, according to the Migration Policy, and Spanish is the most common language other than English spoken by the workforce.

Approximately 76% of the home-based child care directors that use the Wonderschool platform are women of color, and about 50% speak Spanish as their primary language. To make the experience more accessible for Spanish speakers, Wonderschool now offers a Spanish version of the director dashboard and mobile app. To enable this feature, directors will simply need to ensure that their internet browser or mobile device is set to Spanish as the default language in settings.

As the Wonderschool product continues to evolve, building for the needs of our diverse community will continue to be top of mind.

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