Strange Hours: Finding Quality Childcare As A Working Parent

February 4, 2021

It’s no secret that finding quality childcare is tough.

It’s a challenge for parents working a standard 9 – 5 shift. For parents working odd-hour shifts, though, it can be darn near impossible.

Think about the nurses, firefighters, doctors, and all of the other folks who work irregular hours and overnight shifts. It’s important to me that Wonderschool gives them options as well.

With hospitals experiencing a shortage of nurses, it’s in their best interest to offer benefits that make working graveyard shifts more feasible for those with kids.

I envision a future where there are early childhood education centers with flexible hours that provide more solutions. With how many different types of schedules there are, we have to expand beyond what the current offerings are if we want to support employees and their families.

My colleague Steve can attest to how tough a non-traditional schedule can be. He was a bartender for a long time, and the lack of options that exist after the sun goes down makes an already tough schedule even tougher.

I think there’s a lot of potential for more flexible childcare, and I’m really excited to develop how Wonderschool helps shape that future.

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