Unique Childcare Opportunities For Universities

February 3, 2021

I’ve always admired the innovation that comes out of universities.

All the brilliant minds constantly pushing the status quo is deeply inspiring to me. When it comes to implementing on-site and near-site childcare as an employer-centric benefit, I believe colleges are uniquely positioned to offer support in a way other orgs can’t.

To start, they have amazing pools of potential child care providers. There are plenty of education majors that would love experience designing their own curriculums. We’ve found these eager students can be some of the best Wonderschool Directors.

With all the real estate colleges own, I see an interesting opportunity to reallocate underutilized spaces for childcare. This benefits not only the faculty, students, and their children – but the culture of the university itself! Another thought is having open campus colleges expand the childcare centers to the surrounding community. Think of how beneficial that could be for a college town.

I seriously think there’s a world of opportunity in the higher education space to really amplify early childhood education.

Just look at the Bing Nursery School at Stanford. They have incredible students running the program. It’s one of the most revered pre-schools in the world. Let’s create more lifelong learners!

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