How Wonderschool Wraparound Services Improve Child Care In Vermont

December 7, 2022


The mission of Let’s Grow Kids (LGK) is to ensure that, by 2025, all Vermont families will have access to high-quality and affordable child care. LGK recruits and supports new and existing providers, offering them resources to transform their services into efficient, high-functioning businesses.


Outside of caring for and teaching children, providers have many administrative tasks: attendance tracking, tuition fees collection, and messaging. Typically done with pen and paper, the tasks are time-consuming and potentially error prone.


LGK chose Wonderschool to help providers transition from manual to streamlined administrations. Wonderschool’s technology included the child care management app, turn-key webpages on the Wonderschool provider platform, and wraparound training to help providers optimize these tools for success and sustainability.

Image from Let's Grow Kids In Vermont
Wonderschool supports our goal of helping child care providers develop a business mindset to run their programs. Their technology is easy to use, and their wraparound onboarding process is responsive and helpful to providers.-LouAnn Beninati, Director of Program Viability Strategies, Let's Grow Kids (Vermont)


Child care directors save hours each week with Wonderschool technology. There is less paperwork and trips to the bank for parents and providers. LGK can view parent engagement and child enrollment completions on their dashboard. Being able to track progress brings the network closer to its 2025 goals.

Wonderschool Partnership Benefits

  1. Modular services for each network that can change with yearly network goals
  2. Onboarding and training for providers
  3. Real-time data to view enrollments and track payments

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