Chris Bennett: 3 Positive Child Care Trends

March 25, 2022

Numbers in child care can be stark.

Costs can be high, salaries can be low, and finding care can be overly complex. But one thing about numbers brings a world of optimism to me. They can change. And we can change them.

The need for quality child care is constant. But poor child care statistics don't have to be.

I've seen numbers in child care breathe new life with Wonderschool. Some Wonderschool child care owners earn 3xs more than what they had previously as preschool teachers, and others make six figures. This month, I've noticed a trend in the power of numbers and collaboration to change the early childhood education and child care system.

Here are the top three developments in child care this month I am most excited about.

1. Wonderschool Partners With The State Of Nevada

Wonderschool partnered with Nevada State child care and policy leaders Governor Steve Sisolak, Senators Jacky Rosen, Catherine Cortez Masto, Congresswoman Susie Lee, and more to decrease the number of child care deserts.

The state launched the Nevada Strong Program which is a program unlike any I've seen before.

As part of the initiative, we will create 50 brand new programs, expand 50 existing Family, Friend, and Neighbor programs and provide CCMS access to over 365 providers in the next two years.

2. Rasmussen Makes E.C.E. Degrees More Affordable

Rasmussen University officially launched its $15k Associates Degree in ECE, establishing an affordable program to give students the tools to become quality educators.

It's been hard to hear about student debt educators taken on from costly university degrees. I'm excited about this lower-cost E.C.E. program and the next generation of Rasmussen graduates in early childhood education. I hope more Universities will follow.

3. Wonderschool Programs In Rural Areas Are Growing

Wonderschool child care programs in rural areas are growing. Much of rural America has child care deserts. Parents have little chance to find a rural program.

My team and I are researching and supporting new growth in these areas. I’m very proud to share three exemplary rural programs on our platform.

Tammie's Daycare in Vermont
Little Lakers Childcare in Minnesota
Little Jewels Home Childcare in North Carolina (Image Above)

These family child cares are paving the way for increasing early childhood access in remote parts of the country.

If you Want to better the results, start with the relationships

Now, there are more Wonderschool state-level child care partnerships with holistic solutions. More affordable child care education opportunities for the next generation of Early Childhood Education teachers. More growth of quality, rural child care programs on the Wonderschool platform.

The great mathematician Shakuntala Devi said, “numbers have life; they're not just symbols on paper.”

I will be doing my part in helping with these positive changes to start and find quality child care.

This you can count on.

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