The Entrepreneurial Spirit In Early Childhood Education

January 27, 2021

Being an entrepreneur in the education space is, somewhat ironically, a learning experience.

Being a leader in any space is a journey, but because I’m trying to transform early education, I often reflect on how I learn and teach myself.

I think to how I learned as a child growing up surrounded by my large Honduran family, and to Yoli’s in-home preschool.

With so many people around, I learned how to interact with others and articulate my thoughts. Necessary when you’re an entrepreneur.

As the founder of Wonderschool, I’ve had to constantly shift my mentality as we’ve evolved. When we were a 2-person company, I had no clue what it’d look like as a 10-person company, or even a clue of what it’d look like with 50.

But you know what? I’m learning how to embrace change like that.

My resilience started in my formative years. Some of it definitely came later, but those early years gave me a fighting chance at entrepreneurship.

Folks who lead Wonderschools are entrepreneurs who believe in the future of childcare and understand how important in-home learning is.

Wonderschool directors are dedicated to inspiring the children they teach, and I’m dedicated to supporting them.

If we want to create more meaningful jobs in the future, we must start by nurturing entrepreneurial minds today.

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