How NECC & Wonderschool Partner To Support Nebraska Families And Providers

October 4, 2022


The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) is a statewide nonprofit organization established in 2014 that provides support, resources, and training to strengthen early learning across Nebraska. NECC elevates the early childhood field by working directly with community child care providers to create more sustainable, high-quality child care programs.


In 2022, NECC will have 101 programs on the Wonderschool platform as a part of its Elevated Network. Supporting their network requires multiple knowledge bases, services, and outreach styles because it works with families, educators, policymakers, and stakeholders.

Outstanding communication, transparency, and meeting goals are critical to the NECC mission. But the child care field can be cumbersome to navigate, and with many parties and factors involved, significant roadblocks can hinder NECC’s time-sensitive, quality goals.


Wonderschool provides business, marketing, and technology services to childcare providers in the NECC network. NECC and Wonderschool form a strategic partnership with multiple levels of engagement and support. NECC could reach out to Wonderschool for relatable mentorship and creative solutions/brainstorming at any time.

We evaluated many other child care management software companies. The biggest benefit of partnering with Wonderschool that you won’t find anywhere on paper is the people. The relationships we’ve developed with their team and the relationships their team has developed with our clients are unmatched. -Tommy Greco, Director of Business Development & Strategy, Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC)


Through the NECC & Wonderschool partnership, child care enrollment grows 34%-40% annually and reaches 47 unique zip codes in Nebraska (thus far). Of the child care programs on the platform, 92% are family child care programs, and a growing 8% are child care centers.

There are over 400 monthly child care network web views, and 39% of family leads come through the Wonderschool/NECC platform, and 16% apply to the programs directly from the network. NECC is at 65% of its 2022 licensed program goals, putting them on track for 100% projected growth by 2022.

Wonderschool Partnership Benefits

  1. Accelerates the process of meeting goals for organizations, networks, and agencies
  2. Provides product and business support to networks of all sizes and different types of child care programs including centers, family child care, and FFN
  3. Offers customizable onboarding support for new and existing providers to increase the quantity of quality child care programs

How can we help you increase access to quality care?

Explore how Wonderschool can help your child care network or government to scale child care initiatives. Contact us here.


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