How the Right Business Software Can Help Missouri Child Care Providers Thrive

December 19, 2023

Most child care providers start in-home daycares because they love caring for children. They find joy in the simple things, from babies’ first milestones to preschoolers mastering their ABCs. What they often don’t love are the mundane tasks that come with running a child care business. Nights and weekends can quickly become overloaded with budgeting, tax preparation, new family contracts, and parent communication. Providers may even find themselves stressed about these tasks during their workday — a time when they wish they could focus solely on caring for kids.

One way to spend more time focusing on child care and less on business tasks is to utilize support software. Wonderschool’s platform, for example, offers a variety of services from website building to parent communication. Read on to learn more about how this platform could benefit your business, as well as how Missouri child care providers can access its services at no cost.

The Benefits of Child Care Software

In short, child care software is designed to make the business side of your career simpler, more organized, and more successful. These tools are widely used across the industry, in both center and family daycare settings. There are apps for parent communication, expense tracking and tax management, documentation, and more.

One benefit of Wonderschool’s platform is that it combines many of these features in one simple place. Instead of using several online services, you can expect support in areas that range from marketing to finance management and beyond. A few of our most-used features include:


  • Lead tracker
  • Site tour scheduler
  • Online enrollment forms

Finance Management:

  • Billing and expense management tool


  • Parent communication tool with built-in documentation


  • Easy-to-use website building platform
  • Inclusion in Wonderschool’s online database of child care providers

Some concrete affects you may see in your business include:

  • Increased online exposure
  • Organized processes for enrollment, budgeting, and communication
  • Less stress for you as a business owner
  • More time to focus on the children in your care.

How Missouri Child Care Providers Can Get Started with Wonderschool for Free

The state of Missouri offers use of Wonderschool’s online platform for child care management at no cost to both new and existing providers. Simply head to this site and create your account to get started. You can also gain access to monthly webinars for continued education and live support from business coaches. We’re looking forward to seeing the positive changes that these tools can bring to the Missouri child care realm.

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