The Value of Lab Preschools

January 28, 2021

My family instilled in me at a young age that doors will open when education is a priority. That’s why it’s my mission to give students the best chance to reach their potential through Wonderschool.

My mom was a student at Miami Dade Community College where they operated a Lab Preschool. Lab Preschools are really unique; they’re led by grad students who are studying to become teachers themselves.It made it much easier for my mom to juggle being a student with being a parent. She didn’t have to use all her time and resources searching for quality childcare and traveling to bring me.

The Lab Preschool I went to has been a huge inspiration in creating Wonderschool. We want to empower educators to create curriculums they believe in. We want parent employees to feel heard and supported.

We want students to feel engaged and stimulated.

Lab Preschools are notoriously good because they’re staffed by eager teachers who are becoming experts in early childhood education themselves. They embrace innovative teaching methods and are always evolving. I’m a lifelong learner because of my foundations in a Lab Preschool.

I wholeheartedly believe more universities should offer them. Especially those with education programs and empty classrooms!

By Chris Bennett, CEO Wonderschool

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